Tom's Hardware Exclusive: Dual Hawaii Review

AMD released the Northern Islands architecture a solid GPU generation ago with the Radeon HD 6000 series, which is based on the obsolete 5-way VLIW architecture. This was replaced by the current Graphics Core Next (GCN) technology in the Radeon HD 7000 series, dubbed Southern Islands. This new and more efficient Southern Islands architecture is at the heart of every modern Radeon card available today, including the Hawaii GPU in the Radeon R9 290X.

Just to be perfectly clear, Hawaii is actually in the Northern hemisphere. It's in the North Pacific ocean, North of the equator. Hawaii can be considered a string of Northern Islands. Northern Islands based on Southern Islands architecture?

And Mount Vesuvius? Surprise, it's nowhere near Hawaii: it's in Italy. In the Northern hemisphere.

I found that out on the internet in like 5 seconds. Get it together, AMD. Seriously:

North, or South? You Decide.

But enough about AMD, we're here to talk about Hawaii.

Hoholulu looks pretty sweet.

Hawaii Review #1: Oahu

Every string of islands needs a capital. When you're as awesome as Hawaii you have nothing to prove, so you pick one of the smaller islands, like Oahu, which contains the state capital Honolulu.

It has cities and jungles and stuff. Totally looks like a nice place to visit, for real. You should take your family there, good surfing, nice weather. Luaus and pig roasts and what have you. I understand that dancers wear grass skirts, which sounds nice but must be incredibly itchy on their sensitive parts.


A Portuguese immigrant family in Hawaii during the 19th century.

Hawaii Review #2: The Island Of Hawai'i (AKA 'The Big Island')

At first glance it might seem silly to give a place the same name as the state it exists within. But it works for New York, so it's only fair that Hawaii's largest island is named Hawai'i. Note that there's an apostrophe in the name of the island to keep people from confusing it with the state.

Which begs the question, why isn't Washington D.C. in Washington state? Congrats, way to confuse people. City planners are terrible.

In any case, Hawai'i (the island not the state, note apostrophe) is the largest island in the United States. It's also a nice place to visit. You can probably surf there and attend luaus and pig roasts and what have you. Did I mention the itchy grass skirts?

Anyway, probably a super nice place to take the family or your sweetheart on a vacation.


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