EK Water Blocks Reveals GPU Block For Nvidia's Titan V

EK Water Blocks has a habit of supporting every model of graphics card that Nvidia and AMD push out the door, but we can honestly say we didn’t see this one coming. EK Water Blocks today revealed a full-cover water block for Nvidia’s Volta-powered Titan V workhorse.

Nvidia’s Titan V, which debuted in December 2017, is the most powerful GPU made to date. It boasts an incredible 110 teraflops of compute power, which is nine times more powerful than the previous flagship GPU, the Titan Xp, at deep learning tasks.

Nvidia’s Titan lineup was never meant for gamers, but that didn’t stop them from snatching up these $1,000+ graphics processing beasts. The Titan V, however, commands a much higher $3,000 price tag, so we don’t think many gamers have dropped three stacks for this upgrade. The lack of gamers with Titan V cards didn’t stop EK Water Blocks from doing what it does best, though.

EKWB’s Titan V water block features a full-cover design that makes direct contact with all of the card's heat-generating components, including the GPU die, the voltage regulation modules (VRM), and the 12GB of HBM2 memory. The water block also features EKWB’s high-flow central inlet split-flow cooling engine, which directs fluid over these components to keep them cool.

EKWB must believe there is a reasonably large audience interested in water cooling Nvidia’s flagship GPU. The company doesn’t always offer color choices for low-volume parts, but the Titan V water block is available in two variants. EKWB offers the block with a black POM acetal top and, for those who prefer to see the fluid pass through their components, a clear acrylic version. Both options feature nickel-plated electrolytic copper bases. The company doesn’t offer a bare copper option.

Each Titan V water block also includes a single-slot bracket to transform it into a single-slot graphics card.

EKWB’s Titan V water blocks are available now for $149 through the EK Webshop and the company’s partner reseller network. EKWB also offers backplates to complement the water blocks. The backplates are available in black for $38 and nickel-plated for $46. EKWB said the backplates aren’t ready to ship yet, but the black version should go out on February 27, and the nickel version should ship on March 5.

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  • bit_user
    Wow, to void the warranty on a $3k card, you've got to be seriously interested in max fps.

    I'm a bit surprised they're not charging more. You've got to wonder how many they'll actually sell.
  • rubix_1011
    Not all card manufacturers consider this a voided warranty; some offer some form of warranty even if a card is water damaged or otherwise has the factory cooler removed.
    EVGA is one that has done this for as long as I can remember and also why I typically purchase my cards from them...because I do just this...add water blocks. Depending on what SKU card you purchase and as long as it is registered with them within 30 days, you can basically get an RMA for just about any form of failure, including buyer damage.
  • dragonacc
    I bought one....