ErgoDox EZ Adds New Kailh Speed Switch Options

Just a few months after we learned of new Kailhua “speed” switches, you can get them on an actual, shipping keyboard. It’s a rather non-standard keyboard, though--the ErgoDox EZ.

Ergo keyboards are popular with a certain segment of the enthusiast keyboard market, and it’s not hard to see why. Simply put, you get a split keyboard design that’s ortholinear and positions a series of keys perfectly under both of your thumbs. You can choose from printed or unprinted keycaps, or order an ErgoDox EZ with no switches at all, and there are backlit and non-backlit options, as well. You can further customize the ErgoDox EZ with a tilt/tent kit and a wrist rest to position everything for your optimal comfort.

Further, you can opt for one of a number of different switch types, including Cherry (Red, Brown, Blue, Clear, Silent Red, Black, White) and Kailh (Brown, Thick Gold, Gold, Silver, Copper).

Those last four are new to ErgoDox, and to the market in general. To recap: the Silver switches are linear and light, Copper is tactile and light, and Gold and Thick Gold are clicky and heavier. You can see the full specs here.  

The switch type does not appear to affect the price of an ErgoDox EZ.

The cheapest option (no keycaps, no tilt/tent kit or wrist rest, and no backlighting) costs $235. The most expensive configuration we could come up with is $355 and includes all of the above.