Bethesda Shows Off 'Far Harbor' DLC For 'Fallout 4' (Updated: Now Available)

Update, 5/19/2016, 5:58am PT: Far Harbor is now available to download. Bethesda also created a new video to show off the many places, people and mutated creatures you encounter in the expansion.

If you need more Fallout 4 content, you’ll have to wait a little more than two weeks until Far Harbor, the latest add-on for Bethesda Game Studios’ popular title. However, the developers created a short trailer, which provides a sneak peek into the current situation on the island off the coast of Maine.

The adventure starts as a request from a client at the Valentine Detective Agency, who wants you, along with the detective Nick Valentine, to find a missing woman on the island. However, there seems to be conflict brewing between Far Harbor’s locals and the Children of Atom cult. On top of that, there’s a secret colony of synths hidden somewhere in the area.

With a new location comes new terrors, as well. Even the isolated landmass couldn’t escape the effects of radiation. Its swamps and roads are filled with unique and terrifying creatures formed from the aftereffects of nuclear war.

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The developers consider Far Harbor to be the largest location ever created for downloadable content (DLC). In addition to quests and various settlements, you’ll find new dungeons to explore, tougher armor and stronger weapons.

Far Harbor is the third and final piece of DLC from Bethesda’s initial announcement of additional content for Fallout 4. However, it doesn’t seem like the development team is finished with Fallout 4 just yet. More add-ons were teased for 2016, as well as the occasional batch of free updates. The latest free update introduced modding to the PC platform, with the feature coming to Xbox One players later this month and PlayStation 4 owners in June. As for more details on future content, your best bet is to wait until next month, when Bethesda heads to Los Angeles for its BE3 Showcase.

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