AMD Selling More CPUs, Posts Record Quarter Too

Intel just announced that it had its best quarter ever, and it turns out that AMD had a pretty decent one too. AMD announced revenue for the second quarter of 2010 of $1.65 billion – a record on its own for the company, which perhaps signals an extremely healthy time in the processor business.

Even with the growth in revenue, AMD posted a net loss of $43 million, or $0.06 per share, which is mostly attributed to the restructuring with GlobalFoundries and not due to product pricing. AMD also posted an operating income of $125 million.  The company reported non-GAAP net income of $83 million, or $0.11 per share, and non-GAAP operating income of $138 million.

"Robust demand for our latest mobile platforms and solid execution drove record second quarter revenue and a healthy gross margin," said Dirk Meyer, AMD President and CEO. "Our unmatched combination of microprocessor and graphics capabilities resulted in customers launching a record number of new mobile and desktop platforms.  We added Sony as a microprocessor customer and continue to see our existing customers expand their AMD-based platform offerings."

Click here for a more expanded view of the financials.

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  • welshmousepk

    cannot wait for AMDs triumphant return to the top.
  • amstech
    Intel CPU offerings are not alot faster then AMD's, sorry to burst you bubble. Did I read 30%? In your dreams, my overclocked X3 benches right with i5's and i7's. Intel's CPU's are over-rated.
  • Humans think
    Intel dominates the enthusiast desktop PC market and almost all the laptop and netbook market operating with high profit margins due to the lack of more powerful CPUs from AMD. Also Intel sells a lot of their overpriced mid and lower-segment CPUS due to their marketing network and rebate.

    AMD has all the performance/cost sweet spots in mid and lower sections of desktop CPUS and sells well on these.

    So basically we have 2 companies that for the last year are operating in different niches, no wonder they both maximized their profits since their opposing fronts do not overlap...

    In order for profits for both companies to drop and prices get better for us we need a full scale war from these companies....
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  • Hiniberus
    Way to go AMD! Hopefully you'll start hauling out some new things soon, can't wait to see how Fusion works out. If it's good I'll probably buy a new laptop with that just to have something somewhat decent rather than Intel's @@#$@#$ graphics chipset, seriously I don't understand why they bothered doing this when their graphics are worse or perhaps on par with the 3k series from AMD /cringe

    Lets watch the language please mate.
  • welshmousepk

    cannot wait for AMDs triumphant return to the top.
  • kartu
    While having vastly superior products, all AMD manages is holding one third of the market. We've seen it in CPU market, now we are seeing it in graphic card market.

    So sad...