Win 'Final Fantasy VII' From Tom's Hardware Community

Sequel Hype Train Month (Choo Choo!) is pulling into the station, with one more giveaway with a game getting a new sequel or remake.

We're ending this theme month with Final Fantasy VII. Before you play the remake, we're giving you a chance to play it without all of the fancy HD graphics. Relive all of the emotional moments in their old school glory!

In a moment of purposeful punny irony, we're giving away seven copies of the game on Steam. But how do you win?

Go to our contest thread in the forums, and tell us what your favorite game in the Final Fantasy series is and why. Not into Final Fantasy? Tell us about your favorite RPG instead.

The contest will run until 12pm EDT on Friday, July 31. (That's 12:00 noon.) Winners will receive their prize via Steam gifts; a Steam account is required to receive and to play the game. One entry per user. Attempts to cheat the system will result in automatic disqualification.

Enter here!

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  • MidnightDistort
    Uh wait, so is FFVII getting a remake?
  • mlga91
    It is getting a remake:
  • Alec Mowat
    In all honest, FFXIV: ARR is probably one of the best FF games I've played in a long time. It's more true to the originals than the last 4.

    Being said, IV is still the best in the series. You don't manage your team. It forces you to change your play style and gives a lot more surprise in the story. Compared to 7, most of the characters in IV die or become extremely injured.

    All the games after that give you all the characters immediately and basically let you take what you want. After 6, basically every character is in the game beginning to end.
  • alidan
    It is getting a remake:

    they are remaking the story too... cloud and his sister lightning here we come.
  • Bhuel Buss
    I'd say up until FFXIV, my favourites were the old 8-bit games for NES, especially the first 2. They really got me into RPG's in the first place and hold a special place in my memories.