FOVE Kickstarter Campaign Wraps Up, Showcases New HMD Design

We first reported about FOVE back in May when the campaign was just getting started, and even in the early days backers liked this one, with nearly $50k raised by the time we brought you the story.

Over the weekend the campaign wrapped up, and it finished just shy of the first stretch goal. Originally asking for $250,000, the company surpassed its initial goal fairly early, but the stretch goals were set at very high funding levels.

$500,000 was the first stretch goal, which was to be a FOVE minigame developed in conjunction with the headset. That goal was narrowly missed, with the funding topping out at $480K and change. Although it didn't quite make that first goal, there's still some exciting news from the company.

On June 25, FOVE updated the page to state that Valve Lighthouse integration will be happening. Originally set as the third tier goal at $700,000, thanks to a recent investment from Samsung Ventures, the company has been able to guarantee Lighthouse support. On July 2 the team noted that the Lighthouse base station and controllers will be an additional purchase outside of the Kickstarter campaign, but the headset will come with the sensors preinstalled.

The most recent update came mere hours before the funding closed. FOVE released some pictures and details of the latest revision of the headset. FOVE said this new design offers better stability and performance and is more comfortable than previous versions.

The latest revision features an updated strap that does away with the previous Velcro design in favor of a ratcheting, articulating clasp. The company said the new approach is meant to adapt to any shape and size head.

FOVE's VR headset is slated for release in May 2016 to Kickstarter backers. If you missed your chance to pick one up, the company has a waiting list that you can sign up for to be notified when pre-orders open.

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