Tom's Guide: 40 Free and Useful Android Apps

Filling your phone with great applications is the best way to ensure you're getting the most out of your smartphone. That said, trawling the app market for quality apps can be a laborious task (there's an awful lot of junk in there). The Tom's Guide team has put together a list of 40 of the best free and useful apps. Be sure to check out '40 Free and Useful Android Apps' for some of the best the Google Play Store has to offer.

The majority of apps available through Google Play, the online software catalog for Google's smartphone and tablet platform, are free. The true challenge is sorting the gold from the dross. Here's a list of 40 apps we've tried and loved. Hopefully you will too, especially since they'll cost you absolutely nothing to acquire.

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  • teh_chem
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    For the love of god, you're just re-writing old article posts and adding slightly different apps each time...
  • getreal
    All apps are free for Android, since android users just root phone and pirate everything. Yawn.
    toms kill the spammers please before they start to get comfortable and then out of control, toms is better then these low life bots/spammers.

    im new to andriod but i love it already and allll the apps u can get for free is great compared to iOS where u have to pay for basicly the same app,