CES 2006: Jadoo announces fuel cells power for regular electronics

After years of hype, fuel cells are finally coming to consumers.

These hydrogen-filled batteries promise longer run-times, quick recharge and no memory effect, but they have been relegated to labs and high-end broadcast studio camcorders. Jadoo, a company that we covered at the 2005 National Association of Broadcasters show, has announced fuel cell power systems for prosumers which will power laptops, radio systems and other gadgets.

No specifications or pricing has been announced for the new prosumer system, but it's safe to say that it won't be cheap. Jadoo has been selling their NAB II fuel cell system for broadcast camcorders for several months.

The system consists of a camcorder-mounted adapter, fuel cell canisters and a fuel cell charging station. The cells contain metal hydride which customers charge with hydrogen. At the NAB show, company officials told us that the cells have zero memory effect and charge within minutes - something run and gun news crews love.

Read our previous story, which also includes a video of the fuel cell system in action:
National Association of Broadcasters 2005 - Jadoo fuel cells