G.Skill Adds Tenkeyless KM560 Mechanical Keyboard To Its Family (Update: Price)

Update, 5/3/17, 7:10am PT: G.Skill confirmed pricing and added that info to the product page. The KM560 will cost $80, and the price will be the same regardless of switch type. We've adjusted the copy below to reflect the new information.

To flesh out its growing family of mechanical keyboards, G.Skill announced the KM560, its first tenkeyless (TKL) model. It’s essentially a sawed-off version of the KM570 (it’s 3.15 inches narrower), which itself is the little brother to the flagship KM780 (read our full review here).

Indeed, the KM560 appears to share quite a bit design language with the KM570. It looks like the construction is similar, with a textured plastic top panel and the same front and back beveled edges. The indicator lights in the upper right corner of both keyboards are also similar, although the TKL KM560 has one fewer. The G.Skill logo is in different places on the two keyboards, though.

They also both have an MR key, although on the KM570 it’s an extra dedicated key, whereas on the KM560 it’s an alternate function of the Insert key. On the KM560, you can use key input to perform on-the-fly macro recording.

The KM560 currently offers only red as a backlighting option--there’s no RGB here--but you can dial the brightness up or down, employ a breathing effect and alter its speed (G.Skill said there are seven total effects), or switch the lighting off altogether if you like.

The MCU is an unnamed ARM chip. The KM560 offers full NKRO (which you can toggle on or off) and anti-ghosting, and there are media keys (and other functions) available on the F keys, PrtScn, Scroll Lock, and Pause Break keys. The arrow keys offer lighting controls as alternate functions. It does not appear as though the KM560 supports G.Skill’s configuration software.

G.Skill’s approach to keyboards has been to develop a model and then offer multiple iterations--RGB or single-color LEDs, different switch types, and so on--and the new KM560 follows that trend. You can opt for one with Cherry MX Red, Blue, or Brown switches. The prices are now listed on the product page; they cost $80.

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Header Cell - Column 0 G.Skill Ripjaws KM560 MX
TypeTenkeyless, 87-key
SwitchesCherry MX Red, Brown, or Blue
Sensing MethodConductive (metal)
Onboard StorageYes, 1 profile
Key RolloverNKRO
Lighting-Red LEDs-Breathing effect, brightness levels
Cable2m, braided, single USB end
Additional PortsNo
Dimensions36.51 x 15.88 x 4.09cm
ConstructionPlastic (chassis), otherwise unknown
Misc.-Media controls via alternate functions-MR key (available via alternate functions)-2-year limited warranty