G.Skill Adding A Cherry MX Speed Silver Keyboard, Too

G.Skill has quietly put up a product page for a Cherry MX Speed Silver version of its KM570 keyboard.

The company has but two keyboards--the KM780 and KM570--but it has numerous iterations of both. It recently announced that its lower-end keyboard, the KM570, has Cherry MX RGB switch options, and now it’s getting a Cherry MX Speed Silver version, too.

Cherry first announced the new switch back in April, timing the announcement with the release of the thusly-equipped Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire keyboard. The Speed Silver switches are linear, like Reds, and they have the same 45g actuation force, but they feature a reduced actuation point (1.2mm instead of the common 2mm) and have a shallower total travel of 3.4mm versus the standard 4mm.

G.Skill priced the new version of the KM570 at $110, which is $10 higher than its standard Cherry MX versions and $10 less than its Cherry MX RGB-equipped models. It appears to otherwise be identical to the standard Cherry MX KM570 keyboards.