Turn Leftover Micro-SD Cards Into an SSD

Most of us probably don't, but there may be a few among us who happen to have a bunch of MicroSD cards just lying around, being unused. Well, especially for you folks, GeekStuff4U.com is selling a MicroSD SSD creator kit.

This kit allows you to take up to four SD cards, and put them in a 2.5" form factor converter. Each card can be up to 32 GB in size, allowing for crafted SSDs of up to 128 GB. Undoubtedly, it uses a raid controller inside. Also, according to the site, the gadget can bring Windows Experience Index Score up to 3.6 for storage. Faster cards would obviously lead to higher scores.

The MicroSD SSD Creator Kit retails for a price of $79.56, so it might not be the cheapest way to land yourself a 128 GB SSD, but it is certainly an amusing little trick.

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  • eddieroolz
    It's an interesting idea, but the technical limitations and the price may be a hurdle.
  • anti-painkilla
    Does anyone know how the low classes will work in these? I am betting that they will be as slow as the slowest card.

    It does not really seem worth it unless you have access to free 32GB class 10 microSD cards.
  • Leftbranch
    Even then it isn't worth it. You can buy brand new 128gb SSD drives now for $79 on sale. Even the slowest SSD will be days faster than this.