Geforce 6800 soon to be available for notebooks?

Chicago (IL) - According to several media reports, Nvidia apparently is working on a mobile version of the Geforce 6800, code-named NV41M.

Rumors, that Nvidia's GPU will appear in the not to distant future, appear to be confirmed by a posted notebook description of Canadian notebook manufacturer Eurocom. A not yet released device named D900T Phantom is described to be equipped with either a Nvidia NV41M or ATI Mobility Radeon X600 graphic chip, each with 256 MByte integrated memory.

Eurocom declined to comment on the product.

The Nvidia chip is romored to come with 12 to 16 pixel pipelines. While the NV41M will be targeted at high-end notebooks, Nvidia is also expected to launch the NV44M and NV43M for midrange notebooks. All three chips will support PCI Express.

ATI's PCI Express equivalents will be the M28 Pro on the high-end, and the M26 and M22 in for medium-level notebooks. Ther will also be an AGP-based chip (M18).