Nvidia CFO Resigns for ''Personal Reasons''

Nvidia reports that chief financial officer (CFO) David White has resigned from the company for personal reasons, and will remain as a Nvidia employee through May 31, 2011.

Taking his place as interim CFO will be 43-year-old Karen Burns who currently serves as corporate controller and vice president of tax. Previously she served 10 years as head of Nvidia's tax department, holding a "variety of titles."

Before signing on with Nvidia, Burns served nine years in tax and audit roles with KPMG, a global public accounting firm, in its Atlanta, London and Silicon Valley practices. She holds bachelor's and master's of accounting degrees from Florida State University, Nvidia said.

As for 55-year-old David White, he joined Nvidia in February 2009 after leaving Sanmina-SCI Corp as the company's CFO. Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia president and chief executive officer, said he was grateful for the counsel and leadership White provided over the last few years. But he also quickly pointed to Burns' expertise in the same breath.

"Karen is a broadly respected veteran of Nvidia and knows our business well," he said. "Her experience, her understanding of our business and her leadership will be a tremendous asset to us during this transition."

A spokesperson for Nvidia said that the company had no further comments about White's departure. However, Bloomberg reports that Nvidia stock dipped almost 6.5-percent in extended trading following the announcement. "Nvidia fell 54 cents to $17.66 at 4 p.m. New York time in Nasdaq Stock Market composite trading," Bloomberg said.

  • scook9
    Maybe it was his idea to price the GTX 550 Ti so high and the shame is killing him
  • HansVonOhain
    Personal reason must be a personal offense.
  • house70
  • thegame8019
    I wonder what kind of an impact this is going to have on the consumer are we going to see a price jump, decrease, or inferior product now?
  • BulkZerker
    Personal reasons? More liek, out before the boot.

    Nvidias lineup on the mainstream ans entry level has been lacking hard, and add to it intel has them on their s*** list. Their intigrateed solutions haven't really advanced in 4 years power wise from what I have seen and you can only neglect your bread and butter for so long befor it no longer sales.

    Sorry nvidia you need to stop trying to sell wine to a world that drinks beer
  • cookoy
    personal reason means he can't work with the all persons around him.
  • what it means is he was having an affair. look it up. google is your friend.
  • nvidia411
    you guys do know about the "nvidia gpu litigation" right?

    march 28th is the hearing to re-examine how nvidia, orrick (its counsel) and milberg llp (plaintiffs' counsel) have neglected to execute the settlement terms for hp class members.

    for more info, go to http://fairnvidiasettlement.com.

    i think after reading, you should be able to connect the dots
  • sudeshc
    another corporate mambo-jumbo.
  • Nvidia has some real issues going forward. The lower price level graphics is drying up. Gaming at the high end is also drying up. This is the reason for higher prices. Unfortunate for Nvidia that both Intel and AMD have married good graphics with low power and that makes up a bunch of computer devices going forward. I really think Nvidia should allow Intel to buy them or at least work out a deal to incorporate their graphics more uniformly with Intel.