Geil Evo X RGB DDR4 RAM Now Available

Geil has been showing off its Evo X RGB RAM for some time now. The RAM was first announced in May, and we followed up with a more detailed look at the company’s plans for its LED RGB DDR4 RAM in June. It's now available from online retailers.

If this is the first time you have heard of Geil’s Evo X RAM, the memory is unique in that it is designed to connect to an LED strip header on certain motherboards. This allows you to change the color and control the LED lighting effects of the RAM using your motherboard’s native light control software.

There are a few issues with this first implementation. Not everyone will mind, but in order to use the LED lights, you need to have several wires connecting your RAM to the motherboard. The memory will work without these additional wires, but the lights won't illuminate without them.

The more serious issue with Geil’s Evo X is that few motherboards currently on the market feature an LED strip header and fully support this RAM. The RGB LED lights can be powered by fan headers on the motherboard, but that requires you to use even more cables, and it will limit the RAM to either a single color (red, blue, or green) breathing animation or a full RGB cycle.

The RAM is now available from numerous retailers. See the chart below for pricing information.

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Capacity2 x 4GB2 x 8GB2 x 8GB2 x 8GB2 x 8GB
Heatspreder ColorBlackBlackBlackWhiteWhite
Price (Newegg)$69.99$99.99$94.99$99.99$114.99
Michael Justin Allen Sexton is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers hardware component news, specializing in CPUs and motherboards.
  • TechyInAZ
    G.Skill should of made a dedicated RGB controller that the RAM plugs into as an optional accessory for people who don't have the supported motherboard.

    Edit: Whoops I meant Geil. Not G.Skill, I get those mixed up a lot.
  • why_wolf
    This isn't G.Skill its Geil. Completely different company.
  • xapoc
    Ooo prreeetty.. where can I get those led heatsinks alone and make my MEM sticks look shiny?
  • jasonelmore
    its a shame they couldnt make RGB memory without the need for 4 pin power connectors on each stick.. Corsair can do it, why can't Geil?