Georgia Tech Student Advertises For Kissing Lessons On Craigslist


Atlanta (GA) - A Georgia Tech University student is meeting his online girlfriend for the first time and is advertising on Craigslist for some interesting assistance. The unidentified 20-year-old student wants a woman to teach him how to kiss. The ad, which was placed in the Atlanta area strictly platonic section, asks for a girl to practice kissing with and "nothing else". Is this a not-so-subtle way of getting some action? Not so, according to the student, who says he simply wants to make a "good first impression" and admits that he’s never kissed before. Yeah right!

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  • bloodymaze
  • retro77
    Let us know if it works!
  • DCGMoo
    I wonder what his "online girlfriend" thinks about all this? :)

  • swiftpulse
    And what makes him think his online girlfriend is any more experienced?