Gigabyte and HWInfo Team Up for Enhanced Memory Timings, BIOS Settings

HWInfo with Gigabyte skin
(Image credit: Gigabyte, HWInfo)

If your PC has Gigabyte components, you may be able to use a specialized version of HWInfo to monitor your components. The hardware and software companies announced a collaboration today that adds special skins and features to HWInfo on PCs with Gigabyte's motherboards.

One of the results of this partnership is that people will be able to check out the more advanced memory sub-timings to see how their RAM is performing, and there's also what appears to be a new breakout box specifically for monitoring those values. "This empowers users to make informed decisions when optimizing their memory configurations, ultimately enhancing system performance and stability," Gigabyte wrote in a press release.

Gigabyte BIOS Settings in HWInfo

(Image credit: Gigabyte)

There's also a new exclusive feature to see settings from your Gigabyte Aorus BIOS. While it doesn't appear that you'll be able to change BIOS settings from the app (that would be pretty wild!), you can check which settings you have enabled.

The new skins are pretty simple, with options for light mode and dark mode featuring orange highlights and an Aorus logo.

Both Intel and AMD motherboards will be supported. Here's the BIOS you'll need to get started on each one, per Gigabyte's release:

  • Intel Z790/B760/Z690/B660/H610 motherboard, release BIOS date Jul 28, 2023.
  • AMD X670/B650/A620 motherboards, beta BIOS date Jul 21, 2023.

The company suggests that more features will gain support in "the future," but hasn't laid out a timetable.

It's unclear how long these features will be exclusive to Gigabyte motherboards, and when or if HWInfo may bring them to PCs with boards from other companies.

This would hardly be the first piece of diagnostic software with hardware partners on board. CPU-Z, another popular diagnostic utility, has versions in partnership with Cooler Master, Asus ROG, MSI, ASRock and for both Gigabyte and Aorus.

HWInfo is a free download for all Windows PCs and is free for non-commercial use. (HWInfo 32-bit is freeware for everyone. HWInfo 64 v 7.00 and later requires a license if you're a commercial operator).

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