Tom's Hardware Ask Me Anything - Gigabyte

Fourth in a series of our successful Ask Me Anything features, this week we’ll be hearing from GIGABYTE and you’ll have the chance to find out what’s new in store for the well-known motherboard and component manufacturer and ask the questions that you’ve been just dying to ask.

We’re proud to announce the fourth in a series of our brand new community feature – ASK ME ANYTHING!

On Wednesday, July 24th, we’ll be hosting the fourth of our AMAs, and our guests will be the top official representatives from GIGABYTE.

This thread will be unlocked, open and live for 24 hours starting at 12:00 Noon Eastern time on July 24th, and questions will be moderated and supervised by Tom’s Community Manager, Joe Pishgar, and a full team of Senior Moderators.

The official representatives will reply periodically over the time the AMA is active using recognized and verified accounts.

Please join us on this date to throw your questions into the mix and ask GIGABYTE what you’ve always wanted to ask.

What: Ask Me Anything – GIGABYTE

When: Wednesday, July 24th, 12:00 p.m.Noon EDT

Where: Tom's Hardware Community Forum: Motherboards

Who: Vice President of Motherboards Henry Kao, Director of Marketing Colin Brix

Hit the jump here for a link to the thread and bookmark for quick and easy access when the AMA opens for questions.

See you on the forums!

~The Tom's Hardware Community Team

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  • opmopadop
    First thing I read regarding the rules "No tech support questions"...

    Pitty I can't ask about when (or which) MB sound cards are going to support Windows 8 "Hardware Audio" again like they did in the XP days.
  • Wisecracker
    Will there be a Gigabyte FM2+ 'Bolton' mini-ITX motherboard ??

  • JPNpower
    Dear Gigabyte, please change your name to Terrabyte
  • ojas
    Qualcomm's AMA wasn't exactly successful, Tom's people.
  • lockhrt999
    Dear Gigabyte, I have found that your mobos more impervious to super high humidity compared to other brands. Why is that?
  • dkant1n
    To Henry: What are the different challenges when working with both Intel and AMD? Which are the most difficult things to accomplish when developing motherboards?
    To Colin: How is the marketing of a new product?
  • Sangeet Khatri
    Please launch a Micro ATX Version of the AM3+ UD3 motherboard. I mean we need a good motherboard for small form factor builds. Why is not there any Micro-ATX motherboards for AMD builds. I mean not everyone likes big cases.
  • Jin Kim
    Will there be any Thunderbolt 2.0 motherboards? What is ETA if so?
  • m3incorp
    I have to ask why your motherboards don't ship with stand-offs; especially a board like the G1.Sniper 5?