Gigabyte Power Supply RMA Seemingly For 'Newer Batches'

Gigabyte GP-P750GM Power Supply
(Image credit: Gigabyte)

As we are in the middle of the drama with Gigabyte finally responding to the complaints about the company's power supplies exploding and our power supply expert commenting on the whole situation, it seems like there is another problem with Gigabyte's approach to customers. According to the Reddit user Tinefol, Gigabyte has refused to take an eligible GP-P750GM unit for RMA.

Firstly, we have to set the tone straight that this could be an isolated case so until we can gather more examples, take the news with a grain of salt.

According to the Reddit user u/Tinefol, they have filed an RMA request for Gigabyte's GP-P750GM power supply. As per the original Reddit thread, the poster owns the said unit, and following the recent happenings, decided to file an RMA request for it.

The original text sent for the ticket was: "Hello, As stated in this PR I'm looking to return a GP-P750GM power supply that I bought last year with serial number SN20243G001306. I went through a local dealer where I bought the item and it requests the official confirmation/approval from Gigabyte to complete the process. Please send me an official confirmation of RMA.", to which one of Gigabyte's staff responded with "This press release is applicable only to the newer batches."

It is worth noting that in the official press release, Gigabyte notes that, for this particular GP-P750GM PSU, Gigabytes offers RMA services for units with serial numbers from SN20243G001301 to SN20453G025430. The owner that is applying for an RMA possesses a unit with serial number N20243G001306. That serial number is eligible for RMA.

However, Gigabyte's response differs from the acts of its staff. As the company is accepting RMA's using the serial number metric, the "newer batches" are not important. As long as the serial number matches the supported RMA requirements, the unit is eligible for return and exchange that Gigabyte offers. 

We are left to wonder if this is an isolated case of this Reddit user, or indeed a practice that only newer batches are eligible for. In any case, Gigabyte hasn't stated that in its official press release.