Gigabyte Unveils World’s Smallest GeForce GTX 1080

Gigabyte is laying claim to the world’s smallest GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card. The company is no stranger to the Mini-ITX graphics card market, having produced a GTX 1070 Mini ITX as well as a 1060 Mini ITX graphics cards of the same size. Even so, this is by far the smallest GTX 1080 on the market today. 

We know what you are thinking: Zotac showcased two of the world’s smallest GTX 1080 Ti Mini-ITX cards earlier this year, but as tiny as those may be, Gigabyte’s GTX 1080 offering is well over an inch and a half shorter. So if space in your case is at a premium, this could be the card for your next SFF build.

This small but sexy dual-slot graphics card packs everything you’ve come to expect from a GeForce GTX 1080. It features a 1,632MHz base clock and 1,771MHz boost clock coupled with 8GB of GDDR5X memory running at stock memory speeds. Display connectivity consists of a single DVI-D, three DisplayPort headers, and a single HDMI display output. This graphics card is equipped with a single eight-pin connector for power delivery.

Smack dab in the middle of the red and black plastic shroud, you’ll find a single 90mm fan pushing air through interlaced aluminum fins that are bonded to three large direct contact copper heatpipes, nestled into the center of a large aluminum baseplate. Gigabyte stated that the cooler’s unique fan design enhances airflow by as much as 23% compared to traditional fans. This semi-passive fan also has the ability to turn itself off when the card is idle or under light loads.

Gigabyte also bundles the Aorus Graphics Engine software utility with this graphics card, giving end users one-click overclocking as well as the ability to control clock speeds, voltage, power target, and fan profiles.

We reached out to the company for information on pricing and availability.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Gigabyte GTX 1080 Mini ITX 8G
CUDA Cores2,560
Base Clock1,632MHz
Boost Clock1,771MHz
Memory Size8GB GDDR5X
Memory Data Rate10 Gb/s
Memory Bus256-bit
Power Input1x 8-pin
Dimensions(H x L x W)37 x 169 x 131mm
  • bloodroses
    Once this card gets released, could you do a review of the various mini itx cards? I am curious on the power draw as well as the temperatures between the different brands/models. The case I'm working with only allows short length cards due to an AIO CPU radiator in front of it.
  • jasonelmore
    This is what miners should have to buy.. the full length cards for gamers
  • Jeffs0418
    Agree with Jasonelmore. There should be a law.
    Interesting that it's listed at 250W TDP but only has a potential 225W available with the single 8pin aux power+ board.
  • hotsacoman
    Hmmmmm...So mini-itx meaning it should be WAY less expensive. I'm thinking $399.
  • termathor
    Interesting, as so far, very few 1080 have been able to cope with the length restriction of my mitx case. To the point I had almost lost any hope.
    Looking forward to seeing, maybe, at TI ??
  • itsmedatguy
    20145175 said:
    Hmmmmm...So mini-itx meaning it should be WAY less expensive. I'm thinking $399.

    That's pretty much never how mini ITX works, actually it's almost always more expensive.
  • bloodroses
    20145041 said:
    This is what miners should have to buy.. the full length cards for gamers

    I would personally say the other way around since most gamers are into smaller cases for easier transportation and miners could care less that their rig looks like since it never goes anywhere.

    The smaller the video card, the more goodies you can fit in a mini-itx case, like AIO units and hard drives. :)