Tom's Guide: 15 Gmail Tips and Plugins

Considering it's one of the most popular email providers, there's a good chance you're already using Gmail. But are you getting the most out of Google's email service? Tom's Guide has put together a list of tips and plugins that really bring out the best in Gmail. Be sure to check out '15 Gmail Tips and Tricks' to make sure you're not missing anything!

Google's Gmail is one of the most popular webmail services worldwide, recently edging out Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail in ComScore data of unique visitors. Really, it's no wonder that so many are using it, given the service's utility, openness to add-ons, and all around reliability. A simple, user-friendly front end hides numerous configurable options, and many add-ons can be bolted on to the default experience to provide loads of extra utilities. Read on for some neat Gmail tips, as well as some of our favorite extensions, and feel free to share some of your own favorites in the comments section below!15 Gmail Tips and Plugins

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  • Tim John
    So where's the click-able link?
  • Nicely done, now my gmail account is much more fleux
  • shanen
    All of the internal features were known to me, even though I would not regard myself as a power user, and Boomerang (scheduling future email) is the only one that I actually want--but the description made it sound inapplicable to my main purpose. I don't want to send early morning email to people with smartphones that might wake them at 3 o'clock in the morning. That calls for a high degree of integration with Gmail, is a feature the google has claimed they are considering, and therefore something that will almost surely break Boomerang if it is ever implemented properly (from the inside).
    However, NONE of these suggestions came remotely close to addressing my main concern. The #1 problem with email remains the same as it ever was: SPAM. Cosmetics and tweaks are trivial distractions. I want a powerful anti-spammer tool that would allow me to donate a bit of my time towards breaking the spammers' business models. I want to disrupt ALL of the spammers' infrastructure and pursue ALL of the spammers' accomplices. I don't really care about the spammers' corporate victims, but I'm quite interested in helping and protecting the helpless innocents--like YOUR children.
    I believe that the google could offer us such tools, something like SpamCop on steroids. I even believe that it would improve the value of Gmail for the google in particular and the value of the entire Internet for general. Why doesn't the google do it? I have been forced to conclude they have become too EVIL to care.