Samsung Reveals Shiny Gold Galaxy S4

Apple's got a gold iPhone 5S, and soon after it became a reality, HTC announced plans for a gold HTC One. Now, Samsung is getting in on the game. The company this week revealed the gold Samsung Galaxy S4. The news comes via the official Samsung Mobile Arabia Twitter account. The company tweeted a photo of the gold Galaxy S4 early this morning along with the tag line 'Elegance is a touch of Gold.'


Judging by the photo, just the back of the device is gold. According to the Verge, there will actually be two versions, Gold Pink and Gold Brown (the difference being the color of the front casing). It looks to be a glossier gold than the iPhone 5S and HTC One. Up to you whether you think that makes it nicer or a lot tackier. 

No word on a release date or if this gold candy-bar phone will make its way to the United States or if it is solely for the UAE. We'll keep you posted!

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  • jimmysmitty
    In the words of an infamous villain:

    "I like GOOOOLDD!!"

    Not for me though. I prefer the silver mist I have.
  • shortbus25
    The Iphone I thought the color was champagne could be wrong I guess! They did the same thing on Call Of Duty that's when I quit playing!
  • EBT Technologies
    So the Question: "What material Gold are Samsung going to use?" Will it be real gold, aluminum finished gold, plastic gold or metal alloy gold?" -Stay Tuned