Google Introduces Octane Browser Benchmark

Octane is a much more comprehensive JavaScript benchmark that promises to test more features and deliver results that are closer to the real world browsing experience (in such applications).

According to Google, Octane introduces five new benchmarks that have been "created from full, unaltered, well-known web applications and libraries."

As always, the benchmark results heavily depend on the hardware you are running, so I won't make any performance claims for any browser until I have run them in at least a dozen different hardware configurations. However, my first impression on four systems seem to indicate that the dominance of Chrome in V8 is extended in Octane. Firefox 14 are 15 is up to 90 percent behind on single-core hardware, while the IonMonkey equipped Firefox 17 NB reduces the distance to as little as 35 percent.

Feel free to run your system through Octane here and lets us know what score you achieved on which configuration. Keep in mind that this is a JavaScript benchmark and Google's claim of resembling the browser performance in real world applications is to be taken with a grain of salt. There is not enough information to evaluate what features are exactly used and how much Chrome benefits where other browsers do not (IE9/10 did not even run through the benchmark).

It is still an incomplete benchmark and, for evaluation purposes, it is wise to use a combination of several benchmarks to come up for a more realistic score. I have complained in the past we lack an industry standard benchmark for browsers and Octane is just one more sign for that.

Read more from @WolfgangGruener on Twitter.


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  • Netherscourge
    So... forgive me if I'm being cynical here...

    Google created a Browser Benchmark Program that makes it's own Chrome Browser come out at #1 on all tests all the time?

    There's no conflict of interests or anything here, right?
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  • Sakkura
    Go on OCZ, sue them.
  • rotflcopter
    I got a 11159 with Chrome running on an i5-2520 with 8 gB of RAM.
  • classzero
    rotflcopterI got a 11159 with Chrome running on an i5-2520 with 8 gB of RAM.