Google Chrome: No More Silent Extension Installs

According to the company, the feature was originally intended to "allow users to opt-in to adding a useful extension to Chrome as a part of the installation of another application", but has been founded to be  abused by third party software developers.

Google said that extensions have been distributed and installed without "proper acknowledgment from users", which was made possible via the Windows registry mechanism for extension deployment.

Chrome 25 will automatically disable all extensions that were installed via the company's external extension deployment options. However, Chrome will show a "one-time prompt to allow the re-enabling of any of the extensions".

Chrome 25 is not expected to be released as a stable version until the end of February.


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  • abbadon_34
    good idea for the dummies
  • dormantreign
    I discovered something related to this with adblock today actually. I'm not sure whos the bad guy here, google for not allowing me to block ads "which makes them money" or adblock for trying to fish my searches and what not. My current adblock is still working i may ad but when i put it on a friends pc it didn't block youtube stuff.
  • Pawessum16
    Chrome 25? Wow, the way they update so silently nowadays the version number is almost irrelevant.