Document Outlines Google Certification for Gaming Smartphones

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Google may have a Game Device Certification program in the works, according to a document XDA-Developers found this week.

Google has not publicly confirmed the project. However, the document contains spec requirements smartphone manufacturers must meet to qualify for the Game Device Certification and to pre-install Google Mobile Services (GMS, Google describes it as “a collection of Google applications and APIs that help support functionality across devices.”) The new spec requirements create a base performance level. This would theoretically make it easier for developers to create compatible titles across any device with the Game Device Certification.

Predictable performance helps developers avoid throttling issues, lost CPU cores and other unexpected malfunctions. As stated in the document, devices  are expected to “provide a modern, up-to-date high-performance GPU and display APIs and enable reasonable frame introspection.”

XDA-Developers also found a LinkedIn job posting from Google for a “Developer Relations Program Manager for Android Game Device Certification,” originally listed in June.

Should the reported project become a reality, the certification could have the ability to create a baseline standard for a new generation of Android gaming devices.

Ash Hill
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  • bit_user
    devices are expected to “... enable reasonable frame introspection.”
    I take it that's querying stuff like the brightness, color gamut, and perhaps the location of notches, rounded edges, and other potentially compromising display features?