Win 'Goggles - World of Vaporia' From Tom's Hardware Community

This week's giveaway from our community is Goggles - World of Vaporia. The new title by developer bit2good features voice acting from Tom's Hardware writer Derek Forrest!

The steampunk-themed multiplayer arena combat game dropped last week and is available on Steam for PC (as well as Mac and Linux, though the developers warn to treat those as early access releases).

We have our hands on six Steam keys. To enter for a chance to win, go to our giveaway thread in the forums and tell us about your favorite multiplayer or co-op game. What was it? Why did you love it? Whom did you play it with?

The contest will run until 12 PM EDT on Friday, October 16. That's 12:00 noon. Winners will receive their prize as a Steam gift; a Steam account is required to receive and to play the game. One entry per user. Winners will be selected randomly from among eligible entries. Attempts to cheat the system will result in automatic disqualification.

Also in our giveaway thread this week, we reveal a surprise about our Steam Group! Be sure to check it out.

Go here to enter and to find full details. Good luck!

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  • Larry Litmanen
    My favorite co-op is Trine 2, i loved it, played it with some random people online.

  • dotaloc
    So many good ones! Back in the late '90s was really into a turn based strategy have called metal knights. Played quite a bit of Command and conquer and Warcraft. Remember quake 3 arena and unreal tournament finally, for sure.

    More recently (a little), I enjoyed left for dead 1 and 2, and looked forward to portal 2 multi player but never got around to it.

    That said, I'm going with worms (og) or worms world party for local multi player. Great fun!
  • AndrewFreedman
    Be sure to comment in the giveaway thread:

    It doesn't count if you post here!