G.Skill Announces 8x 8GB DDR4-4300 C19 Trident Z Royal Kits for Q4

G.Skill has teased its 8x 8GB Trident Z Royal kits that won't be available until at least next month. The announcement was light on details; however, we applied G.Skill's naming convention to screenshots of working modules published by G.Skill to create a specs table, which the vendor confirmed is accurate. 


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Model NumberSeriesCapacityData RateTimingsExpected MSRP (Not Confirmed)
F4-4300C19Q2-64GTRGTrident-Z Royal (Gold)64GB (8x 8GB)DDR4-430019-19-19-39$1,399.99
F4-4300C16Q2-64GTRSTrident-Z Royal (Silver)64GB (8x 8GB)DDR4-430019-19-19-39$1,379.99
F4-4000C16Q2-64GTRGTrident-Z Royal (Gold)64GB (8x 8GB)DDR4-400016-18-18-38$1,219.99
F4-4000C16Q2-64GTRSTrident-Z Royal (Silver)64GB (8x 8GB)DDR4-400016-18-18-38$1,199.99

G.Skill wasn't able to comment on pricing. The prices listed above are based on current data for its Trident Z DDR4-4000 C18, the premium commanded by higher data rates and/or lower latency, the additional premium G.Skill assigns to modules with its Royal heat spreader/RGB/Diffusor package and the $20 price difference between current Gold and Silver modules. Constant changes in DRAM availability could drive the MSRP upward or downward at its actual release.

Photo Credits: G.Skill

Thomas Soderstrom
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