G.Skill’s DDR4-4266 Kits Have The Tightest Timings Yet

G.Skill is once again turning up the heat on its competition with the launch of its latest low-latency DDR4 Trident Z RGB memory modules. The company claims these new memory modules, not to be confused with the recent launch of its DDR4-4266 Trident Z RGB memory kits, are the world’s first memory modules above DDR4-4000 speed with timings as low as CL17.

These new Trident Z RGB memory modules start at DDR4-4000 with CL17-17-17-37 timings all the way up to DDR4-4266 with CL17-18-18-38 timings. G.Skill stated these new 4 x 8GB kits are built with "rigorously" hand selected, high-performance Samsung B-die DDR4 IC components and operate at 1.35v up to 1.45v. Thanks to support for Intel’s XMP 2.0, overclocking and tuning can be performed from within the OS without the need for changes in the BIOS.

The company said its new low-latency Trident Z RGB memory modules were validated on a system featuring an Asus ROG Maximus X Hero motherboard and an Intel Core i7-8700K processor.

As with all Trident Z RGB memory kits, these modules feature a full-length light bar integrated into the aluminum heatsink that's capable of displaying millions of colors in an endless array of color combinations and effects.

These new DDR4 memory kits will be available starting in January 2018. No information on pricing was given. We have reached out to the company for more details.

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G.Skill Trident Z RGBDDR4-4266MHz DDR4-4133MHz DDR4-4000MHz
Density32GB (8GB x4)  16GB (8GB x2)  /  32GB (8GB x4)
Latency CL17-18-18-38CL17-17-17-37
Pin Out288-pin
HeatspreaderAnodized Aluminum
  • tamalero
    I wonder how many kidneys you have to pay to get these.
    RAM prices are ridiculous right now.
  • A Stoner
    That just means most of the rest of their product line using the same chips will have far fewer winners in the silicone lottery.
  • feltrockni
    toight. https://youtu.be/gu31VyXlTzo?t=5s
  • drtweak
    Ah I remember my old SDRam in my PI/PII and thinking that those CL's of 2.0 was so much faster than a 3.0 XD Oh my times have changed.
  • kookykrazee
    20421129 said:
    I wonder how many kidneys you have to pay to get these.
    RAM prices are ridiculous right now.

    That will be 2.75 kidneys for you sir!