GTA V May Come to PC Early 2014

Though it might seem like everyone is playing Grand Theft Auto V, diehard PC gamers have been left out in the cold because the game is currently only available for Xbox and PlayStation. Rockstar hasn't said when it plans to release the game for PC, but the latest rumors say we might see the title before too long.

Eurogamer cites sources that say Rockstar will release a PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 in early 2014. The website says several industry sources that say the game is coming in Q1 of next year, which harkens back to the gap between the release of GTA 4 on consoles and PC (the game was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on at the end of April and didn't launch on PC in December 2008).

Rockstar refuses to talk about the PC release of GTA V. In fact, the company hasn't even said if there will be one. Instead, the company says it's focusing on the console release. The company has had a lot of growing pains with GTA V Online, which launched October 1, and has yet to completely resolve all issues with the online component of GTA V. The company today announced plans to give users $500,000 of in-game currency to make up for the bumpy launch.

"Given some of the recent technical issues during these first days of GTA Online, and now that things are starting to look much smoother (touch wood!), we are planning to provide a special stimulus package for all who have played or will play Grand Theft Auto Online this month," the company said today. "We will be dropping a cool half a million GTA$ in the GTA Online bank accounts of all players this month, starting as early as next week."

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  • joaompp
    Hopefully they take the time to make a good port that isn't as glitchy as GTA4 was
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  • deftonian
    I sure hope they really do decide to launch on PC. Would love to play the game in higher resolution at 120fps.
  • eklipz330
    I'm holding my doubts about this port. They should release it in conjunction with the next generation
  • joaompp
    Hopefully they take the time to make a good port that isn't as glitchy as GTA4 was