'Gwent' Will Get A Single-Player Campaign Later This Year

In its current state, you can play Gwent by constructing your own custom deck of cards and playing multiple rounds against different opponents. However, CD Projekt RED announced that it will add a single-player story campaign called “Thronebreaker” that will let you explore another part of The Witcher universe.

The story doesn’t seem to feature any of the familiar characters from The Witcher titles. Instead, you follow the path of Meve, a combat-experienced queen from the Northern Realms. Her kingdom is under threat from an invasion, so she summons her army and prepares to defend her homeland.

As you make your way through the story of “Thronebreaker,” you’ll take on multiple quests, but you can also gather resources to create new cards. Some of the games you play in the campaign stick to the traditional rules of Gwent, but the studio also teased the addition of custom-made story battles, which “twist the game’s rules in wildly unexpected ways.”

Even though Gwent is still in its public beta stage, CD Projekt RED plans to release “Thronebreaker” later this year. The studio has yet to release a specific date for the finished version of Gwent, aka Gwent 1.0. On its FAQ page, the studio said that it will release Gwent1.0 only when “the game is feature-rich, polished, and sufficiently tested.”

You can join the open beta by signing up on the game’s website, and you can read about our hands-on time with it from last year’s Gamescom.

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TypeStrategy Card Game
DeveloperCD Projekt RED
Release DateTBD
PlatformsPC, Xbox One