How to Completely Disable Mouse Acceleration In Windows

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In this tutorial we will explain how to disable mouse acceleration in Windows 10 by turning off pointer precision. Mouse acceleration can hinder the ability to play games where you need precise aim (for example, First Person Shooters). Pointer precision, hidden in the control panel, causes your mouse to move not only based on movement, but on speed. Changing this option will make your mouse more accurate.

Step 1
Go the Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound, and then Devices and Printers

Step 2
Choose your mouse from the menu of devices.

Step 3
Click the Pointer Options tab in the Mouse Properties window.

Disable mouse acceleration in Windows 10

Step 4
Uncheck the box next to Enhance pointer precision.

Step 5
Click Apply, then OK. You're done!

With pointer precision disabled, mouse acceleration will be less of a problem, as your mouse movements will follow your hand movements more exactly.

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    thank you
  • Scrotus
    When I enter the UEFI on my ASUS Maximus X Hero mobo the cursor is so sensitive to even the tiniest of mouse movement that it is very difficult to navigate the settings. Is there a way to make the cursor less sensitive so the cursor slows down?
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