24-Hour Battery Life Laptop from HP

HP announced Monday its EliteBook laptop can achieve up to 24-hours of battery life.

One fundamental requirement for a good laptop is good battery life. On Monday, HP announced it had reached an astounding 24-hours of battery life with its EliteBook 6930p laptop. While just last month Dell had announced its Latitude laptop had reached 19-hours of battery life, it looks like HP wanted us to know it could do one better. The all day battery life HP promises does not come cheap however and there is a strict laptop configuration HP states that is needed to achieve the feat.

The 14.1-inch EliteBook 6930p has been designed to a military standard supposedly helping to defend it against bumps, drops, spills, vibrations, extreme temperatures and high humidity. The laptop is not the lightest laptop around though, starting at 4.7-pounds and still needing to achieve the all day battery life the laptop must be configured with an optional Intel 80 GB SSD drive, an HP Illumi-Lite LED display that will not be available until October, an optional ultra-capacity battery, Windows XP and updated software drivers.

HP claims with the 24-hour battery life of its laptop, business users can now easily use their units non-stop on the world’s longest scheduled commercial airline flight, linking Newark Liberty International Airport and Singapore Changi Airport, an 18-hour and 40-minute flight. One could also take more than 10 trips on the EuroStar train between London and Paris, approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes in each direction, before needing to recharge. For those laptop users stateside, 24 hours of battery life would be enough for a car passenger to continually use their laptop while making the trek from Maine to Florida.

  • dreamer77dd
    i would love to see the performance of this labtop. maybe you can overclock it and still have 5 hours of gameplay or intensive video. i know my labtop is fast but never last very long, i must put it at low settings and make it go really slow for it to last. i hope things like this become the norm.
  • v12v12
    Bah I think it's smoke and mirrors and pure fraud (again). My prized dv6000 series had a bunk battery (many others reported losing battery life much faster than "normal" aka with in months from new) so I got a new one (at my own expense) and now I find with this new bios update (F3.d) the fan has to continually run to make up for nVidias POS chipset and vidcard over heating issues (bad traces), which I've recorded a video of the screen starting to crap out.

    It's taken people 1000's of complaints, and mounting class-action lawsuits to get HP to respond. And with that response, HP STILL makes it a gauntlet-run to get support for possibly getting a new one, which I'll be understaking soon. Battery issues, faulty chipset issues, HORRIBLE indian-offshore "support," HP is crapware as far as I'm concerned, I'm going to switch to Dell (least their support is more reliable/ready to sorta aid Vs HPs) or the PC version of a MacPro the overpriced/ugly Lenovos... THANKS HP for SUCKING! They've lost my business forever if I get stuck with this POS laptop with it's LONG KNOWN bugs... 24hrs, someone should test this out and sue the pants off them for faulty advertising and misleading claims. B/c you know there's about 5 pages of fine print underneath that "24hrs" claim...