AMD's Hypr-RX Tech Makes Its Way to the ROG Ally

Asus ROG Ally
(Image credit: Asus)

According to SteamDeckHQ, the Asus ROG Ally has received a new graphics driver update, enabling 900P resolution monitor support and AMD's new Hypr-RX performance-enhancing technology.

Hypr-RX support might not sound that exciting when all of AMD's RDNA-3 GPUs support the new feature. But, it's easy to forget that OEM gaming machines like the ROG Ally don't get the same driver luxuries as regular graphics cards. For OEM machines like the ROG Ally, Asus has to customize AMD's latest Adrenalin drivers so they can fully support the ROG Ally. This means that ROG Ally users will not always get the latest Adrenalin driver updates right away, preventing them from playing with the latest and greatest new features Radeon graphics card owners might already be enjoying. This is exactly what was happening with the ROG Ally.

Hypr-RX is a new gaming feature available to RDNA 3 silicon, that automatically enables several of AMD's current gaming technologies to boost gaming performance. When enabled, Hypr-RX will turn on AMD Anti-Lag, Anti-Lag+, Radeon Super Resolution (RSR), Radeon Boost, and/or FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) automatically, depending on the game.

Asus ROG Ally

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

AMD's performance-optimizing tech could be very advantageous on the ROG Ally due to its high-resolution 1080P screen. Hypr-RX should be able to fix problematic performance issues in highly demanding games where the ROG Ally's integrated graphics chip struggles to achieve playable frame rates at the console's native resolution.

Speaking of resolutions, Asus' new graphics driver update has also features several additions besides Hypr-RX integration, including support for 1600 x 900P on the display itself. In the past, gamers could only choose between 720P or 1080P on the ROG Ally's internal display. Now with 900P support, ROG Ally users have a middle ground between the two resolutions, which will provide a better balance of image quality and performance/battery saving, in situations where 1080P is too stressful and 720P doesn't provide a clear enough image.

Three bug fixes were also incorporated into the driver update, including a fix for a problem that prevented EA Sports FC 24 from launching, another fix that prevented Resident Evil Village from launching, and a fix that prevented the Ally from recognizing 8K 60Hz external monitors.

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  • gg83
    I have a question about when to use FSR. I just got a new pc with a 7800xt. My average frames in destiny 2 are around 200fps without fsr at 1440p. Will I notice a visual degradation going down to 1080p and upscale with fsr to 1440p? I don't think I need the extra frames.
  • Order 66
    I know that frame generation is somewhat controversial, but I think it would be great for mobile devices because it would allow the device to save battery and give more performance. I know that the input lag increase is noticeable, but the extra battery life and performance may be worth it.