Apple's 17-inch iMac at $899 is Already Here

It seems Apple has accidentally leaked “details” about a 17-inch iMac, or has it?

For a company so careful with announcements and launches, Apple sure did mess this one up. The company always tries to play its hand as close to the chest as possible, which is why we hardly dare to believe this little link on Apple’s Education website.

The Cupertino company updated its iMac line a few weeks back and announced more details than you’d care to shake a stick at about both the 20-inch and 24-inch models. As with every Mac update, consumers clung to the hope that the company would launch something a little more affordable in light of the current economic climate. While the company boasted the affordability of the 20-inch iMac (starting at $1,199) we were a little disappointed that there was no 17-inch model for those an even smaller budget. Same slick look for much cheaper -- surely it would be a big seller?

The March edition of Apple’s eNews on the Education pages lists the usual details about the update to the iMac line. New 20-inch and 24-inch deliver a 30 percent larger display, twice the memory and twice the storage. However, what was unusual was the last line under “The New iMac Line” header.

“The iMac line also includes a 17-inch model starting at $899.”

Could this point to an unannounced Apple product? Sadly, no. While not offered at retail, Apple still makes a 17-inch polycarbonate iMac for K12 and Higher Education priced at exactly $899. Some of us may have gotten excited over nothing.

Anyone here interested in the idea of a new 17-inch iMac? Let us know!

Kudos to, the Italian site that noticed the "leak," and good work to TechTree for finding the real 17-inch iMac.

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  • Tindytim
    Anyone here interested in the idea of a new 17-inch iMac? Let us know!

    Unless it comes with a Core i7 and at least a GTX 260, no.
  • Tedders
    I think any product to expand their line and reduce the price to consumers is a good thing. Whats wrong with options?
  • decoppel
    Only if it has real value.