Sony: Our iPhone and Galaxy S3 Challenger is Coming

Sony has admitted that its current handsets can't compete with the major smartphones available on the market, but the financially struggling firm is due to release a device that directly competes with the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Speaking to the Financial Times Deutschland, Sony Mobile sales chief Dennis van Schie open acknowledged that the company's current lineup of phones can't compete with Apple and Samsung's flagship devices but hinted that something special is on the way.

"We will create, in the near future, a flagship model that can compete with Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S3," he stressed. A spokesperson for Sony later confirmed the device will make its debut at CES in January and the Mobile World Congress during Spring, 2013.

Sony, which is aiming to sell over 50 million Xperia smartphone units next year, is purportedly working on its flagship phone for next year in the form of 'Odin.'

In addition, alleged leaked images of the company's powerful 5-inch Sony Yuga smartphone were recently showcased.

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  • g00fysmiley
    the title should continue

    Sony: Our iPhone and Galaxy S3 Challenger is Coming... and it will cost more than both combined...

    i hope i am wrong but sony always prices themselves out of markets even when they are legitimatly a good product.. look at the price of vaio laptops or the origional price of the ps3 vs the 360
  • wlachan
    SONY is destined to failure as they have too much greed, and their products show.
  • WTF ? how will a sony product be more expensive then an apple product?
  • Nakal
    Bah, I cannot go back to edit posts. That is supposed to be "Sony Styling" in the quotes...
  • Nakal
    asdf34c2WTF ? how will a sony product be more expensive then an apple product?
    In a way, Apple became the company Sony always wanted to be. Expensive, proprietary, hip, chic etc.. I remember working in sales so many years ago and Sony reps always talking about why their products were more expensive because of "Son Styling".

    Sony as a whole entity still wants to be in that position, and in that mindset they will probably make their products more expensive. I am just not sure if it would work now.

  • lunyone
    It should say, "Our iPhone & Galaxy S3 challenger is coming, but by the time it comes out, we will be behind by 6-12 months behind the latest technology and thus no one will probably want to buy our phone".
  • SOSTrooper
    By the time this Sony phone comes out, it'll be in the shadow of Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S. The cycle starts all over again.
  • whiteodian
    In my opinion, the Xperia TL is already good phone capable of competing. If they dropped $100 off the off-contract price, I might be swayed from the Nexus 4. It has an HD display, good processor/graphics/expandable memory/FM tuner (something I personally want). If they have something better planned, then wooohooo. Xperia TL specs at
  • raytseng
    vaporware. yawn.

    will raise an eyebrow when they actually have something ready for market and demo-able
  • noblerabbit
    All Sony has to do is make a single device, that will harness the power of console, portable gaming, smartphone, intuitive interface, lots of software support, and free communication to all of it's users across the world, and only this will bring Samsung and Apple to its knees. And of course, the device has to fit comfortably in a hand.