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In-Win Changes Fan Game, Daisy Chains Custom RGB Case Fans, LED Strips

In-Win is looking to shake up the cooling market with its new, custom, RGB case fans. The highlight of these fans is that they all daisy-chain together and with In-Win’s new RGB LED strips, and are controlled through a central controller using a single cable. The cables will be offered in several lengths in order to provide adequate reach, while also keeping the need for cable management to a minimum. Furthermore, In-Win’s new controller will enable each of the case fans and LED strips to be individually programmed by the user, which will allow for a much greater degree of customization over existing systems.

To accomplish this, the fans and LED strips have two special power connectors, which somewhat resemble power connectors on modular power supplies. These connectors provide power for all of the fans in the chain, while also carrying the PWM and data signals needed to provide individual fan control.

In terms of controlling the system, In-Win provides users with both an RF remote control, which provides basic overall control, and also a Windows software package, which provides much more fine-grain control over a USB 2.0 interface.

Specs-wise, the fans will be available in 120 x 25mm size with a PWM-controlled range of 800 – 1400 RPM. The fans also come with a special turbo mode which boosts their speed and locks it at 2000 RPM for those who need a quick burst of cooling power. At full (PWM) speed, the fans will produce approximately 40.26 CFM of airflow, as well as 1.50mm/H20 of static pressure, all while remaining at a reasonably quiet 23.7 dBA. Finally, although In-Win was unable to give us an official number as to how many fans/LED strips could be linked together, the company's demo system at Computex was running 15 fans with a current draw of 0.5A each, which gives the system a capacity of at least 90W.

In-Win has yet to decide on both a price and what kit options will be offered, but did say that the fans should become available late in the third or early fourth quarter of 2016.

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  • Shankovich
    In other news, Tom's got a makeover. Kinda like it actually :D
  • sillynilly
    Have been a fan of inWin for years and look forward to more from them. Looks cool! Damn another pun. . . . sorry they weren't more enlightened.
  • FritzEiv
    In other news, Tom's got a makeover. Kinda like it actually :D

    It's a work in progress. You're seeing a beta version of just the home page and we're doing some A/B testing of it right now. More to come but feel free to share your thoughts. (And thank you.)
  • falchard
    Looks amazing like all of inWin's cases.
  • biggestinsect
    It would be nice if manufacturers would adopt a universal standard (something like MIDI) for controlling RGB lighting. The ability to change settings on all components with lighting, regardless of manufacturer, from a single application would be great.