Report: Intel Pinetrail Pushed to 2010

The Intel Atom is a small, lightweight and extremely power efficient processor. Only through outside help from the chipset does the Atom gain extra abilities.

We know what the Nvidia Ion can do for the Atom, but of course Intel wants to keep it all in the family. That's where Intel's Pinetrail comes in, which integrates graphics in with the CPU.

According to what Digitimes Research senior analyst Joanne Chien has gathered from vendors, Intel has decided to delay the launch of the new CPU to early 2010, "so as to avoid impacting the netbook market in second-half 2009."

With netbook worldwide shipments already projected to be double what they were from 2008, there could be reason for Intel not to want to rock the boat.

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  • megamanx00
    Trying to cut nVidia out there. Well, NVIDIA can always just go on with VIA CPUs for it's updated ION platform. They can put the hurt on Pinetrail IF they can show OEMs that they can do more for the same price. A cheap netbook that can watch HD content and play the SIMS, and possibly WoW, is what will catch alot of peoples attention.
  • ubernoobie
    If it could run crysis, i'll buy it
  • Honis
    This is why good competition is needed in any market! Nvidia may be selling ION platforms but the core of each of those is an Intel Atom. If VIA or AMD came out with a real competitor to the Atom, Intel would release the Pinetrail in a heartbeat.