Intel Core i3, i5 Arrandale and Clarkdale in Photos

It's no big secret that Intel is cooking up 32nm chips for new computers next year, but now the chip giant has announced formally that it'll be unveiling its new offering on January 7, 2010 at CES.

This means that at CES we'll be seeing a slew of new laptops and desktops using the latest Nehalem architecture with its integrated, on-chip graphics processor. While only time will tell how OEMs decide to package their systems with a discrete GPU, today we can marvel at what the chip looks like both on wafer and in package.

Clarkdale desktop CPU:

Arrandale mobile CPU:

Westmere die shot:

Westmere wafer:

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  • broketechjunkie
  • haunted one
    Nice. Now, when will I have one of these in ma case?
  • HansVonOhain
    Shiny! I thought that Larrabee project was dropped?