Intel dual-core PCs hit the market

As confirmed on Friday, Intel today announced that system builders have begun selling Intel-based dual-core PCs. The first manufacturers offering dual-core computers are Alienware, Dell and Velocity Micro.

"With dual-core processor-based system availability, today is a historic date for the computer industry as PCs begin having "two brains" instead of one," said Don MacDonald, vice president of Intel's Digital Home Group.

The first dual-core processor-based platform ships with the Pentium Extreme Edition 840 (3.2 GHz) in combination with Intel's 955X chipset. As standalone products, the processor is available for $1000 and the chipset for $50, both in 1000-unit quantities.

Despite Intel's claim the dual-core frenzy was not about a race, it is quite obvious that Intel is proud to introduce its dual-core earlier than AMD, highlighting its press release with a phrase that Intel-based dual-core PCs are "first to market."

According to media reports, AMD is expected to announce the launch of its dual-core Opteron later this month.

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