Intel: We Worked With Google on Chrome

Google Wednesday published a list of partners that it’s working with on Google Chrome. Google’s Sundar Pichai divulged the names of many companies it is working with for its just announced OS, but Intel wasn’t one of them.

Pichai mentioned that the list was not a complete one and said that those named were only ‘among others’ that were also collaborating with Google on the project. TG Daily today reports that an Intel representative has confirmed the company collaborated with Google on the project. Not only that, but the Intel-insider also said that the company is happy about Chrome.

"We have been privy to the project for some  time and we have worked with Google on a variety of projects, including this one,” said the representative. “We welcome Google's move here."

The news follows previous comments from Michael Chen, director of Intel's embedded sales group and ultra mobility group in Asia-Pacific. Chen said that the company wasn’t worried about Google’s rival to Moblin. "Our long-term goal is providing hardware for devices with different operating systems... more competition will drive up more innovations and that's good for consumers," he said, according to MorningStar.

With Chrome initially targeted at netbooks, with the vast majority of them packing some breed of Intel’s Atom processor, it’s easy to see why the company is so blasé about Google’s foray into the operating system market.

  • apache_lives
    now if you could jam an open app store into this mix OS os and hardware we may just see an interesting platform develop
  • brendano257
    Now why would Intel do this? Other than stated reason...isn't Intel supposed to be developing Moblin for netbooks? Or did they can that? XD
  • alvine
    im happy intel was in this since the os is mainly for netbooks and all netbooks have intel atoms in them.
  • one-shot
    Google may be facing antitrust litigation in the near future and Intel has already dealt with antitrust suits. Maybe it's an exclusive club for companies that abuse their dominant market position to develop a new browser to combat the king of companies that abuse dominant market positions (Microsoft).
  • apache_lives, since it's based of a stripped down linux, there is a massive open app store already. where everything is free. :)
  • blackthorne
    Wow...Intel talking about competition being good. What a joke....
  • jhansonxi
    brendano257Now why would Intel do this? Other than stated reason...isn't Intel supposed to be developing Moblin for netbooks? Or did they can that? XDWith open-source applications one doesn't necessarily inhibit the other. They probably are sharing a lot of common development effort like power management and video drivers.
  • When can I have Window and Chrome simul-booted in my laptop?
  • WheelsOfConfusion
    nofumble62When can I have Window and Chrome simul-booted in my laptop?Got an emulator? VMware, Virtualbox, Qemu, etc. ...
    But I think that would eliminate virtually all the advantages Google's aiming for, like fast boot times and low resource usage.
  • They couldn't finish Moblin, so they gave it to the Linux Foundation, who has pretty much assumed the entire project. I don't get the impression that the Linux Foundation cares too much about Moblin, I don't know when (if ever) they might actually finish it. I'm sure Intel played a pretty minimal role in Chrome, since google has plenty of world-class developers, I don't know why they're so determined to act like they know OSes...