Report: Intel Scheduling 22 nm Ivy Bridge for April 2012

Since the introduction of its tick-tock cadence back in 2005, Intel traditionally unveiled a new generation of die shrinks at the end of uneven years, but the 45 nm and 32 nm products appeared to be squeezed into those years, while the actual volume rollout occurred several months later. reports that 22 nm Core i3000 processors won't make it into 2011. Instead, Intel's Ivy Bridge platform is likely to debut around April 2012. Intel's (32 nm) Xeon E5 is delayed to spring 2012 as well.

There is no information about the reason of the possible delays. Last week, a report suggested that AMD is also dealing with some manufacturing problems.

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  • JamesSneed
    Of course they are in no hurry since Bulldozer has been weighed and found wanting. I'm sure Intel won't drag its feet to much since they learned not to do that the hard way.
  • Raidur
    >5ghz on air here we come!
  • kcorp2003
    i'm still rocking my 2008 build. deciding if i should upgrade or buy the new consoles. Xbox 720