Rumored Ivy Bridge Production Woes, Intel Denies Shortages

An article published by Digitimes claims that the shortage will be severe enough that Intel will not be able to "satisfy downstream PC vendors' strong demand."

The supply situation could ease in May and June when Intel will launch an addition 13 processor models. Intel launched 14 22nm Ivy Bridge processors today, nine i5 and versions, as well as five mobile CPUs, including the i7-3920XM Extreme Edition flagship. Intel was quick to label the report as false and stated that consumers can expect plenty of supply right out of the gate. Spokespeople referred to statements made by chief executive Paul Otellini and chief financial officer Stacy Smith during the Q1 conference call.

Smith said that the 22 nm yield curve is "consistent with expectations" and processor production is ramped in three different fabs. Intel expects greater production volume than with 32 nm as that process was only scaled up from two fabs initially. However, the company admitted that the launch of Ivy Bridge was delayed by three weeks "to make sure that there was enough inventory in the pipeline." In terms of supply, CEO Paul Otellini added that the first batch of Ivy bridge processors are only quad-cores and the "bulk of those are going into desktops."

Otellini noted that Ivy Bridge will be Intel's "fastest ramping product ever, comprising nearly 1/4 of our microprocessor volume in Q2 alone and crossing over 50% of [Intel's] microprocessor shipments this fall."

  • ok thats all good, but where can i get one
    ive been holding off on building a new computer for 4 months for this cpu
  • whitey_rolls
    There won't be any shortages because they won't be a hot product, based on the benchmarks they really aren't much better than SB and they are hotter.
  • frozonici havent seen the temperature charts but using the same CPU cooler i really doubt they are hotter, they have a smaller fabrication process and lower power consumption.... doesnt that mean that they are cooler?Check this out
    Part of the reason they're as hot or even hotter is because the chip has been shrunk to a smaller area meaning less area to dissipate heat.
  • ttg_Avenged
    NOOO! *Craaaai* I just built my 2200$ dream machine... Puncha baby.
  • amuffin
    i7-3920XM Extreme Edition flagship
    intel fu#ks their uneducated laptop costumer with those names, all they do is trow a higher number and the letter "X" and that makes it "Extreme" so dummys with no knowledge pay 500$ more for their laptops and all they get is "Extremely ripped" by an "Extreme" 100Mhz boost in their CPUs....
    Well, this isn't true. :pfff: The extreme edition features an unlocked multiplier which allows overclocking. That's why some of the higher end laptops with much better cooling allows 4ghz laptops :) For an example, that new alienware with liquid cooling would allow a 4ghz overclock easily, not that I would ever get an alienware...I just don't like people stating/assuming and spreading wrong information!
  • sonofliberty08
    Ivy sounds like an intel version of bulldozer
  • confish21
    Rumors... Monica Chen (digitimes) just coughs this up? Just lame reporting.
  • halcyon
    sonofliberty08Ivy sounds like an intel version of bulldozerThat was harsh.

    Ivy Bridge is a good chip family. To insinuate that it's a failure is a little pre-mature.
  • aftcomet
    I'm okay with the delay. My i3-2120 Sandybridge still kicks major ass.
  • thety6on
    I'm still holding out for Haswell. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!