Intel launches 64-bit Xeon MP Potomac and Cranford processors

Santa Clara (CA) - Intel today introduced a new processor platform "Truland" that will lead the company to dual-core Xeon MP processors: Truland initially brings five new Xeon MP processors with Potomac and Cranford cores as well as the new E8500 chipset.

Truland is the first server product introduction that showcases Intel's approach to not only bring processors and chipsets to market but combine the products into a platform. Truland takes off with single-core processors, but is designed for dual-cores which are expected to appear early next year and will include a chip code-named "Paxville".

The debut includes five new 64-bit Xeon MP processors. The higher-end versions are built around the Potomac core and include a 3.0 GHz and a 3.33 GHz Xeon MP with 8 MByte L3 cache as well as a 2.83 GHz version with 4 MByte L3 cache. The lower-end Xeon MP processors (Cranford core) come with 1 MByte L2 cache and include a 3.16 and a 3.66 GHz model.

The new processors are accompanied by the E8500 chipset ("Twincastle") that offers a 667 MHz dual, independent front side bus and provides 10.6 GByte per second of system bandwidth, which is more than three times the bandwidth of the previous generation.

"This year, Intel celebrates 10 years in the multiprocessor server market segment that began with the Intel Pentium processor and today adds a sixth generation of the Intel Xeon processor MP," commented Pat Gelsinger, senior vice president and general manager of Intel's Digital Enterprise Group, on the introduction of the new products.

Prices for the Potomac Xeon MP begin at $1177 for the 4 MByte 2.83 GHz version and top out at $3692 for the 8 MByte 3.33 GHz model. The midrange 3.00 GHz 8 MByte version is listed at $1980. The entry-level Cranford chip can be purchased in 1000-unit quantities for $963 (3.66 GHz) and $722 (3.16 GHz) per processor.