New Intel Lightning Mountain SoC Appears in Linux Code

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Intel has started Linux kernel development for what appears to be a new Atom SoC family, codenamed Lightning Mountain. It reportedly will be a network processor based on the 14nm Airmont architecture.

Phoronix today reported on the recent Linux kernel patch notes. They state: “A forthcoming product uses a new variant of Atom Airmont CPU model.”

Another patch note from August 21 explicitly mentions the Lightning Mountain SoC name. Intel currently does not have product families based on the Mountain suffix, so this would be a brand new line of chips.

Code references call this a “network processor,” but Phoronix reported that it will be used for other applications as well. No other details, such as why Intel is residing to the relatively old Airmont architecture, (which has since been succeeded by Goldmont and Goldmont Plus on 14nm and Tremont on 10nm), are known at this point. Initial support for Lightning Mountain is expected to make it into the upcoming Linux 5.4 kernel.

Earlier this year, Intel announced another networking SoC, Snow Ridge, targeted for 5G base stations.