Nvidia Wants to Make its Chips Inside Intel's Factories

The company suggests that it could employ the resources of what is considered the most sophisticated chip manufacturing company on the globe: Intel.

“Why not be a foundry for all the mobile companies?” CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said last week. “There’s no shame in that.”

The two companies may have settled their most aggressive disputes, but collaboration and helping each other out is not what Intel has in mind.

“We have a small nascent foundry business, but our focus with our SOCs (systems on a chip) is really on Intel based platforms,” said Jon Carvill who joined Intel as a spokesman from Globalfoundries last year. “Our process technology is a huge advantage going forward in 2012 and 2013, so our focus at this time is on building Intel products, not on building products for our competitors.”

Huang is known to be provocative and very direct with his statements, but it is hard to believe that he was entirely serious with the remark that Intel should be building Nvidia's chips.

Over the course of this year and 2013, Intel will heavily rely on its manufacturing capability to gain an advantage over the armada of ARM manufacturers that will attempt to gain market share from Intel in the entry-level Windows notebook market. Intel may make a strategic mistake once in a while, but it certainly is not going to help its rivals to take away market share from its core business. Intel is allowing Tabula and Achronix to use its 22 nm 3D Trigate manufacturing capability to produce FPGAs. However, Intel typically only supports organizations that it believes can helps its bottom line and increase demand for Intel processors.

Increasing the availability of Tegra 3 processors is surely not what would contribute to the goal of growing revenue.

  • Pyree
    A possible Intel Nvidia merge?
  • Tab54o
    PyreeA possible Intel Nvidia merge?
    Not a chance. I don't think intel will go for it.
  • Haha. I'll tell ya what Nvidia. Use my oven, bake me a couple of chips and then leave.
  • nbelote
    Intel wants to move up in the GPU game, and there's plenty of room for more competitors. AMD buying ATI was a move of necessity, AMD couldn't produce anything in the integrated or discrete graphics area. Intel buying nVidia? Not a chance.
  • jamsbong
    Nvidia is really proactive in merging Hardware with optimised software, much like the moto of Apple but a lot more open and cheaper. Of course, I do hope Nvidia improves their bad quality hardware as they are well-known to have faulty hardware from day1 usage.

    Other companies like ATI, AMD and Intel should be more proactive about getting Dev to use their hardware.
  • starcraftmazter
    Who wouldn't want to use Intel's fab factories? Honestly, AMD would jump at the opportunity :P
  • maxinexus
    Yap intel knows how to build chips in its own backyard.
  • maxinexus
    Nvidia and intel merger = AMD death => not gonna happen just from the pure monopoly prospective
  • With AMD abandoning the high end CPU market, almost all high end gpus are going into systems with Intel CPUs, so Intel working with Nvidia to put out those GPUs does not seem that far fetched.
  • phishy714
    This entire article could have been summarized in the following two lines:

    "Nvidia hints at wanting to make its chips in Intel factories.

    Intel: NO! GO AWAY!"