Intel's Vision of Programmable Matter

A new video report by CNN reveals a very interesting concept being explored by researchers at Intel known as "programmable matter". 

Currently the technology of programmable matter is in the conceptual phase, but Intel's V.P. and Director of Research Andrew A. Chien has high expectations for the progression of the technology.

The CNN video features 3D representations on how manipulating scale models of actual objects could be utilized, and then continues into concepts surrounding the real-time manipulation of actual consumer products such as bluetooth headsets.  Chien specifically comments on how nice it would be to conform a bluetooth headset to a proper fit when a pair of glasses were worn.

So what are the odds of such an odd technology becoming reality?  Well, according to Chien "we are definitely on the edge of discovery with this one."  Interesting to say the least!

You can catch the video over at Youtube by clicking here.

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  • Blessedman
    Are we not already approaching the manipulation of atoms? I mean the pathways in current CPU's are approaching lining up atoms?
  • SamanuelMC
    Seen the papers on this stuff on Intel's site about a year or so ago. Really cool stuff, if they could make this work. S@#! is gonna get nuts
  • RiotSniperX
    Intel is trying to take over the earth >.<

    Its a cool idea, defenitly badass. Man soon, we'll be visiting ppl back in time, and crazy stuff like that. And its all gonna be run by a intel cpu -.- /joke