Intel resumes Grantsdale shipments

Chicago - According to reports from mainboard manufacturers in Taiwan, Intel has resumed deliveries of its 915-chipset, formerly code-named Grantsdale. The company recalled the chipset after a defect was found in late June.

Sources at IT makers and channels told DigiTimes, that Intel began shipping its 915 chipset early this week. While the manufacturers are reluctant to openly talk about how many chipsets were affected and Intel only says that "a limited" amount of 915's carried the defect, sources indicate that first-tier motherboard-makers, including Asustek Computer, Gigabyte Technology and Micro-Star International (MSI), received each about 10,000 faulty chipsets.

According to Intel spokesperson Christian Anderka, the Grantsdale defect originated in an "anomaly" in the manufacturing process. Apparently a piece of foil, which should have been removed from the ICH6, was not removed completely which could result in current leakage in the Real Time Clock circuit and potentially stop a motherboard from booting.

Users who already bought a system with an affected Grantsdale chipset should contact their system builder to have the motherboard replaced, Intel said.