Every Version of Internet Explorer Acid Tested

With Internet Explorer 9 already downloaded and used by more than two million people, it's time for a look back at how far Microsoft's in-house web browser has come since the very beginning.

Even if you're not a user of IE today, there's probably some version in the nine that was your main browser of choice. It's a fascinating trip down memory lane. Check it out below:

The same maker of this video did the same thing for Windows earlier this month. Check that out here.

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  • sabot00
    Hey! It's the same guy who did the Windows 1 to 7 thing.
  • Nexus52085
    This guy's great. Love his presentations.
  • WHComp
    Just ran Acid3 on the latest Firefox 4 beta and IE9.

    Firefox: 97/100
    IE9 95/100