ioSafe NAS 1513+: 5 to 15 Drive Bay Disaster-Proof NAS

ioSafe expands its product line to secure and protect up to 90 TB of data per system with the new NAS 1513+, a disaster proof network attached storage (NAS) appliance powered by Synology Disk Station Manager (DSM), announced at CES.

Aimed at business and pro-sumer markets, the ioSafe 1513+ can store and protect massive data volumes and serve the data privately without touching the cloud. The company boasts its separation from the cloud by touting that all security systems and access are 100 percent controlled by the end user without any third party providers.

ioSafe promises to protect data from loss in fire up to 1550°F and submersion in fresh or salt water up to a 10 foot depth for three days.

The ioSafe 1513+ provides hardened data storage through a 5-bay main chassis combined with two optional 5-bay expansion modules for up to 15 drive bays per system. Also inside is a 2.13 GHz Dual Core Intel Atom CPU and 2 GB of memory, expandable up to 4 GB. Performance quoted by the company is 202.3 MB/s Write and 350.9 MB/s Read.

The ioSafe 1513+ main chassis will begin shipping in March 2014 and optional expansion modules, floor mount kits and rack mount kits will begin shipping in May 2014. Introductory pricing for the ioSafe 1513+ diskless version will start at $1599.99.

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Marcus Yam
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