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Apple, Samsung Trial Reveals Dozens of iPhone Prototypes

Illustrations and picture of more than 40 iPhone and iPad prototypes have surfaced, showing the evolution of Apple's design process that ended up in the first generation iPhone.

As much as Apple's design is admired, it may be even more stunning that Apple now claims that its design team has only 15 people who sketch, discuss and discard product designs. The disclosure of the drawings have the purpose to show the complexity of a design process and provide a counter weight to Samsung's claims that Apple cannot "patent rectangles". The court process will focus on two very different stances of the iPhone product design - whether Apple, in fact, created the design, or if it simply used already existing trends to design the iPhone. The case is also expected to provide a precedence how far-reaching a design patent can and should be.

As painful as the revelation of the iPhone designs are, Samsung is also suffering. The proceedings have confirmed that Samsung is working on a tablet with a screen size and resolution greater than that of Apple's device. The result of the court battle will have some interesting implications for the smartphone and tablet industry.

  • kryzzay
    Well look at that I see a LG phone there as well as a Nokia phone. Fkn hypocrits!
  • wolley74
    those should only be valid if they intend to use the design, if not it's useless and just there to remove innovation
  • davewolfgang
    So Samsung is working on something that's DIFFERENT (i.e. - better) than the iMaxiPad - but yet iCrapple is going to "claim" patent infringement???!??!?!??!?

    Hey Judge - find the person who APPROVED these stupid patents and have them strung up, and VOID the patents!!!!
  • memadmax
    Actually, the skinny iPhone(the one that is second from the bottom) would be just about the only modern apple product I would buy, I like it for some reason... prolly because it actually looks like a frickin phone....
  • ericburnby
    The Samsung prototypes are more interesting.

    The fandroids/haters all claim "there's only so many ways to make a touchscreen smartphone." Well, Samsung showed numerous ways to make a smartphone and none of their prototypes looked anything like an iPhone, proving there are lots of ways to make a smartphone.

    The trouble is, they never used any of their prototypes, and the original Galaxy S looks like an iPhone and nothing at all like their prototypes. Samsung might have shot themselves in the foot by showing their prototypes.
  • alidan
    how hard would it be to design the iphone...

    get told how much space is required, as in, chips, screen and such.

    get block of wood, a saw, and sandpaper, and sand the everloveing crap out of it, untill it is comfortable to hold and big enough for the chips to be inside... and they have 15 people doing this and ONLY THIS... my god, they are either morons or scam artists.
  • brianmoz
    wow alidan your right. It is easy to design an iphone. go make one
  • jecastej
    The iPhone is so lame and pathetic, so obvious in an extremely diverse industry, Samsung had just the same idea years ago among others and they came to the exact same conclusion or visual synthesis Apple did. But a coincidence?... (Sarcasm)

    At least if Apple wins you will have more choices and you will be able to say: I like this unique device.
    By the way I am not looking for any approval in here.
  • jimmyjohnz
    How is confirming that Samsung is working on a tablet that is bigger and has a higher resolution a bad thing for Samsung? Did Apple patent pushing the limit for mobile display resolution? Stop with the one sided reporting.
  • dauntekong
    Ummm ok... none of these prototype and phones look anywhere near or close to Samsungs... So how's it that Samsung is copying Apple...